Basic Silk Filled Pillow Fluffy&Soft | White Color|TAIHU SNOW

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Top valued benefits:

Silk filled pillows are delightfully soft and healthy, provide the ultimate slumber, a charmeuse silk covering silk pillow will provide your skin and hair with essential amino acids that act as natural nutrients while they soote you soft firmness different levels available.

The sik pillow case options:

100% cotton 233TC twill, 300TC Sateen and Jacquard cotton, 100% Tancel, 8mm 100% silk habutai, 16mm,19mm,22mm 100% silk/cotton jacquard.

US pillow size:

Standard Size: 20"x 27", Queen Size: 20"x 30" , King Size: 20"x 36"

European pillow  size:

50*75cm ,45*45cm ,40*60cm,40*80cm,65*65cm,80*80cm